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The Gay Scouts
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Chapter 3 � Lunch and 11 yo nudes
its Aftermath
As I said I have a custom kitchen, all my appliances are commercial grade size. My stove is gas with 8 burners and 2 large ovens, and to the left of it is thermostatically controlled commercial grade grill.
I turned on the grill to the temperature I wanted then went to the frig to get out everything I was going to need.
Since I like to cook and that I am pretty good at it, which is confirmed by the number of people always hinting for a dinner invitation. I feed everyone well, including any slaves I have over, which kinda shocks them.
I always keep a lot of pre-prepared foods, diced potatoes, sliced onions, peppers etc. on hand so it makes it easier to throw a meal together.
I got out 2 cups of sliced onions, about a1/3 of cup each of green, red and yellow peppers and 2 cups of sliced mushrooms, I put them in a bowl and tossed them together. I had the meat and cheeses opened and ready, I was going to make Philly Cheese Steak escorts nh sweet1rachel sandwiches with a pasta salad.
The grill beeped at me to 3g video porn let me know that it was ready and I took the onions and peppers over to start saut�ing as they will take the longest to cook.
I grabbed 4 hoagie buns each about 8 inches long and sliced them so that I removed about a � inch thick slice from the middle of the length of the bun. I enjoy bread, but I don�t want it to dominate what is going between the slices. All of the ingredients should blend and harmonize with each other. The slices won�t go to waste, as I buttered them and toasted them on the grill, then I put them in a 200 degree oven to dry out and later I would run them through a food processor to make bread crumbs.
I got another bowl and ran some hot water into it and put 4 cups of previously cooked pasta into a strainer and put it in the hot water and stirred the pasta around for about 10 seconds. I didn�t really want to heat the pasta but just take the chill off of it and insure that they were separated. I lifted the strainer out and dumped the water, shook the asian 99bb strainer a couple of times to get the excess water draining and put the strainer on the bowl and set it aside.
I periodically checked the onions and peppers to insure that they weren�t burning.
I glanced around the kitchen and noticed that Tom was missing and assumed that he went to meet TJ and give him an update on the lack of progress so far. If only I had been able to hear their discussion, well I guess that by now I was too numb to be shocked. So I continued with lunch.
Tom was waiting at the truck when TJ showed up and the first words out of his mouth were, �Has he agreed yet?� looking hopeful.
�No, not yet,� Tom told 17th century nude drawing him, �he�s got the typical straight world tunnel vision.�
�Not yet! Do you think that it means that he will agree?� TJ excitedly asked.
�Actually, yes, but it�s going to take some work, he really paid attention to the monitor while you were taking a shower.�
�I didn�t overdo it did I?� TJ asked.
�No,� his Dad said, �it was porno klips 12 old just about right. But what can we do this afternoon?�
TJ thought for a minute, �I have an idea. I have my team swim suit and things in the truck, about 45 minutes after lunch I�ll ask if I can use the pool to practice laps and my dives. I�ll bring my kit to the pool and change out there and do my warm ups right in front of him.�
�OK,� Tom responded, �sounds like a plan. Let�s go so we won�t be late for lunch.�
�What are we having?� TJ inquired.
�Philly Cheese Steaks and pasta salad.� Tom told him.
�Ok, I�m hungry.� TJ said as he headed for the kitchen with Tom close behind.
When they arrived I was just finishing the last two sandwiches, I cut them in half and put them on the platter with the others, and took them to the table. japanese 14 yo gallery
The plates were already on the table with the pasta salad nestled in a couple of Bib Lettuce leaves, leaving plenty of space for the sandwiches.
Tom was pouring himself some Iced Tea, TJ some Juice and I grabbed the milk. As I put the milk pitcher down I said, �OK, dig in!�
TJ was the fastest and grabbed two porno 15 yers to fot girls 15 his plate and opened his mouth in a big O ready to take 2 dick moms a huge bite.
�TJ wait!� I said urgently, and TJ froze. I smiled and told him, �Don�t take such a big bite, the sandwiches are just off the grill and are very hot from cooking.�
�Oh, Ok.� TJ responded fetus 18 weeks weight
and went for a smaller bite. He quickly put the sandwich down and grabbed his juice glass, to cool off his mouth.
Tom and I were sitting there laughing and I said, �I told you to be careful, didn�t I?�
�Yea you did, and I will pay a lot more attention to your warnings in the future.� he replied.
Four 8 inch rolls totals 32 inches of sandwich, Tom and I managed to eat 8 inches each leaving 16 inches. When lunch was over the sandwich plate was empty and TJ was groaning that he ate too much.
While I cleaned the grill Tom and TJ did everything else.
TJ said, �I think I�ll go and play some pool to let lunch settle, see you guys latter.� and he headed off to the game room.
Tom and I returned to the security room and the display was still set to the barn. Tom suggested that I set it to the game room so that we could be sure that TJ didn�t get into something he shouldn�t.
I went to the security console and set it to project he game room on the main screen. TJ had already racked the balls and was lining up on the cue ball to break. His style caused me to chuckle and comment, �He certainly has an unusual style wiggling his butt like that.�
TJ hit the cue ball as hard as 70s porn movie he could and slammed it into the racked balls, they scattered all over the table and he even sunk two. I commented, �Unorthodox style or not he did pretty good.�
I went back to the table cgiworld board5
and sat down and started rehashing the discussion of this morning, pretty much stating the same objections and Tom responding ls mag 14 with basically the same answers.
About 50 minutes later TJ called on hometown amateur 09
the intercom, �Smitty, I have a question to ask you.�
I went to the security table and turned on the mike and said, �Go ahead TJ.�
�I have a swim meet next weekend and I need to practice my strokes and do laps, also I need to practice my dives, is it ok for me to use the pool. You and Dad can act as life guards and sit at one of the tables while I practice. I�ve got my swim team bag out in the truck.�
I looked over at Tom and he just shrugged as if to say it was up to me. I said, �Ok, TJ. Your Dad and I will head for the pool while you 70s porn go get your swim bag from the truck.�
Of course I wasn�t thinking about where he would be changing.
Tom and I got to fetus 18 weeks weight the pool before TJ and found a table and chairs that gave us a good view of the pool and the diving boards and platform, and continued our talk.
TJ arrived and headed over to a table by the diving boards. My pool is �L� shaped with the diving area in the short length of the �L�; the long part is wide enough for eight lanes and 50 meters long. We were sitting at the corner of the �L� and had a clear view of both parts of 3g video porn the pool.
TJ was setting his things on the table and shook taboo 1 porn movie out his swim suit, a Speedo that looked to be much too small for him, but I knew that they stretched. Then he started undressing I realized that he was going to change right in front of us. I was about to tell him to change in the dressing room, but 2 magazine gay
sat back and relaxed I had already seen him naked once today and I would probably just embarrass him if I said something. I was escorts nh sweet1rachel about to be presented with another visual of a boy 13 yr nudism rapidshare
lovers eye candy.
Not that I noticed, but Tom was just sitting there very 12 yo lesbians pix still so as to not distract me with a smile on his face.
TJ was facing us so I would have a clear view of the family jewels once again. Once he was undressed he reached back and scratched his butt which thrust his groin out, then reached down and scratched his balls.
He stepped into the Speedo and pulled the back up over his butt, which caught the front under his balls, which lifted and thrust his cock and balls out, he ran his thumbs around the inside of nudist 14yo the suit until they touched his balls, pushed down and out and slowly lifted the front of the Speedo to his waist, reached in and adjusted himself until he was comfortable.
Then he started doing his stretching exercises and I was treated to a demonstration of what could be almost termed as an erotic dance. TJ is highly flexible; he could keep his legs straight together and bend over and wrap his arms around his legs. He twisted and contorted his upper body and hips and could turn his upper body more than 90 degrees to both his left and right. Then he did something that I have only seen male gymnasts do, forward and rear splits (one leg straight out in front of him and one straight behind him) and finally the side splits from a standing position, slowly sinking down to the grass until he was sitting on the ground, then some running in place and shaking out exercises.
He went to the second lane stepped on the starting platform, took his position and dove into the pool to start his laps.
I realized that 256 mb thumb drive we hadn�t said a word in over 5 minutes and cleared my throat to get Tom�s attention and started rehashing my objections once again.
After about 30 minutes of swimming laps TJ lifted himself out of the pool and walked over to the diving area.
When he was ready he stepped onto the lowest spring board and walked to the end and jumped up and down to test its springiest; he walked to the back of the board and prepared himself then stepped quickly forward for his first dive. He took about a 2 minute break between dives to rest.
He did about a dozen dives from the low board and 247 sex tv then went to the intermediate spring board and did another dozen dives. Finally he started the water spray in front of the high platform and climbed up, walked to the 70 plus porn front edge to check that the spray was aimed correctly.
Tom and I stopped talking to watch as the high dives they are really the most spectacular.
His first dive 15yo non nude pics
was about as perfect as you could get, I am sure it would have scored in the high 9�s and possibly a 10 to two.
He had completed six dives and was in position for the seventh, he jumped out arched his back and had his 3g video porn arms stretched out to his sides at shoulder height for a reverse swan dive when it happened.
You could barely hear the thunk, but we could see at once that he must have hit his head on the platform as he broke form and sorta crumpled, he pulled himself into a ball and straighten out and landed feet first in the pool.
Tom and I were half way to the diving area ready to dive in and rescue TJ, but as we got close we could see TJ push off the bottom and when his head broke the surface he exclaimed, �OUCH, That Hurt!� 83 trans am louver
and started swimming toward the ladder.
Tom and I met him at the ladder, Tom grabbed a towel and wrapped it around him from behind. There was no blood so that could be a good sign.
I stopped in front of TJ and asked, �TJ how do you feel?�
He responded, �My head hurts a little, but other than that all right.�
�Do you feel dizzy?�
�Do you feel like you are going to throw up?�
�Do you feel week kneed?� 2 magazine gay
�What is your Father�s full name?�
�Thomas Alva Henderson, Senior; and before you ask I am Thomas Alva Henderson, Junior.�
�OK one last thing.� I squatted down a little so I was at eye level, �Don�t move your head, just follow my finger with your eyes.�
I held up my pointer finger in front of him and moved it left and right and up and down, and he followed it with no problems.
I stood up and TJ wisecracked, �Am I gonna live?�
�OK smart-aleck only until I choke you to death.� I said with a grin.
�But no more swimming today, go take a shower, and get a beach towel and you can catch some rays while your Dad and I talk.�
Tom and I walked back toward our chairs, as TJ headed toward the outdoor shower, me not realizing that I was about to be treated to another presentation of eye candy.
TJ had turned the shower on to let it warm up and got out a beach towel and a towel to dry himself with. He spread the beach towel out on the grass and walked back to the shower.
He hooked his thumbs in his Speedo and pushed it down and off and hung it on a peg to dry and stepped into the shower. He soaped himself up and then rinsed off, turned off the shower and grabbed the towel to dry himself off and sauntered over to 70 s vintage waverly
the beach towel and lay down on his stomach.
Tom just sat there quietly and watched me.
After a few minutes TJ started wiggling his butt and grinding it into the towel and then rolled over on his back. From where we were sitting it looked like a ten penny nail sticking out fot girls 15 of his groin.
Finally I looked at Tom and he just shrugged his shoulders as if to say, "What can you do."
I started objecting again and Tom placidly kept shooting down my objections and this went on for about m10 28 movie an hour and I was running out of ways to say what I had already said. I glanced at my watch and it was 4:45 and I said, �It�s almost 5, so I better go and start dinner. Let TJ know it will be ready about 5:30.� and headed for the Kitchen.
Tom went over to tell TJ and caught up with under 14 sexy pussy me as I was putting spaghetti water on to boil. I got emerson cumming stycast 926 the sauces, meat balls and sausage out and into pots to warm up.
After everything was on the stove Tom said, �David how much longer are you going to procrastinate, are we going to have to discuss this all night?�
�W e e l l l l,� I responded, �I had actually made up my mind just 1-2 month pregnancy before TJ got hurt. But I was still trying to convince myself that it was wrong, no matter what you japanese 14 yo gallery said. I guess that legally it still is. But you have convinced me that all of the parents and the community will not object and actually support this; so I agree to be the Scoutmaster for the boys.�
�That�s great!� Tom smiled, �But does that sweet 16 sex pics include all aspects of the program, specifically having sex with the boys?�
�Yes.� I said and was startled by a loud emphatic �YES!� from the door out to the back yard.
Tom smiled and told TJ to go and panties 12yo play some pool until dinner was ready and he scurried off.
�I need to use your phone to let everyone know.� Tom exclaimed.
�I have a conference service and they can set up a call to everyone for say 6:30 and don�t tell them 12yo nude photo the reason. I will get you to the web page for the service I use and they will set it up and contact everyone.�
I got Tom set up on the computer and he started entering data for the conference call. I went back to the Kitchen to finish up dinner.
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